We ensure sustainable business practices by maintaining impeccable standards in daily trade and our research & development (R&D) programs.

In our agriculture products portfolio, we carefully select for fertilizer material that has a positive effect on soil and can be incorporated into farming practices that are sustainable in the long term for farming communities. We look for the following items while selecting our product range:-

  • Products are to have neutral or positive interactions with salts to not contribute towards soil salinity or sodicity that would compromise future agricultural productivity or soil health.
  • Products are to be neutral or promote microbial activity and the functioning of natural systems that regulate the cropping life cycle.
  • In our product labelling, we clearly mention application doses and application rates so not to result in any toxicity or negative effects for crops.
  • Our product range is developed in a way that provides balanced nutrition, and our sales efforts and distributor-dealer outreach involve products that do not focus on any single nutrient or element.
  • We offer comprehensive nutrient solutions that take advantage of synergies in plant nutrient uptake. As a result, we consider it a corporate policy to develop and/or promote products that improve Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) and fertilizer use efficiency.

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