Through years of representing and trading with multinational organizations in the forest products, minerals, pharmaceutical and petroleum sectors – the team at Azeems has a streamlined sourcing and procurement policy that includes a fair assessment of compliance to international labor and safety guidelines.

Our universal responsible sourcing and trading policies at Azeems include:-

  • Compliance to United Nation’s (UN) International Labor Organization (ILO) laws and guidelines.
  • Internal controls to minimize workplace injury incidents.
  • Our in-house and outsourced warehousing are equipped with modern safety features.
  • Our in-house and outsourced warehousing are marked far from residential areas.
  • We maintain internal company operating procedures that include Best Business Practices (BPP)

Furthermore, our procurement team ensures that all raw materials and supplier of goods that constitute our supply chain are compliant with international regulations in terms of both labor rights and workplace safety and environmental management.

  • Our contract and leased mines are screened for proper ventilation and water/waste treatment.
  • We request our suppliers to provide statistics on workplace injury & safety to ensure responsible procurement practices.
  • Our fertilizer products are handled in accordance with guidelines laid down by the supplier’s Materials and Safety Hazard Sheet (MSHS) and Safety Data Sheet (SDS). In the case of any handling risks, we provide the requisite personal protection equipment (PPE) for the handling of this material.
  • We ensure that our products are stored in an area that meets their safety requirements by monitoring temperature and proximity to flammable items, amongst other measures.
  • We ensure that our products are stored in a way that does not compromise their declared grade or product efficacy by controlling for moisture, exposure to rainfall, excess temperature or contamination.

Furthermore, we comply with all trade regulations in import and export procedures relating to taxation, trade/customs, port and shipping authorities.

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